About our Rain Barrels!

The Barrelman Inc. is a Canadian company, based in Alberta. We convert food grade barrels into rain barrels and they come in blue and white.

When we started our business, rain barrels were hard to find, now there is a plethora of rain barrels available to the consumer. Since rain barrels is our business we have seen the other rain barrels on the market and have come to the conclusion that food grade barrels still make the best rain barrel available. We’ll tell you why and  you be the judge.

We live in Alberta  and know that if we wanted to provide a truly “green” product it would have to handle our climate with it’s ups and downs (in temperature that is)  and last a lifetime with proper care.

Quality of plastic– Food grade barrels are made of the highest grade (virgin) plastic, each barrel weighs approx. 25 lbs. What happened to those barrels in the past? They either ended up in our local landfill or were broken down into little pieces, often shipped to China and made into plastic products and shipped out again. Did you know that every time plastic is broken down and remolded, quality and strength decreases?

Workmanship – Each rain barrel is made by hand and inspected. We guarantee our rain barrels against defects for two years.

Green, Green, Green! – Yes our earth friendly rain barrels are 100% recycled virgin plastic (now that’s a brain teaser) and the sturdiest rain barrels  on the market that can handle our prairie climate.

100% Childproof–  Safety is a big issue and open top rain barrels are a serious drowning hazard for people and animals. Our rain barrels are a sealed unit, no assembly required, ready for use, with a 2″ removable cap at the top for cleaning.  Besides childproof our rain barrels are also mosquito proof.


  • Our rain barrels are a sealed unit, no assembling required.
  • A 4″ screened opening,  the downspout  rests above it, and keeps all the debris from the gutter out.
  • A  2″ screw cap on the top which can be removed for cleaning. I take mine to the car wash at the end of the season.
  • Two  3/4″ spigots with brass taps, one at the bottom to drain the rain water out, and one at the top for an overflow or to connect subsequent rainbarrels. We choose brass taps over plastic, they are a bit more expensive but they handle our climate much better.

Rain Barrel Repairs – Sometimes little people mistake the bottom tap as a step up and the whole thing breaks off, for a small fee we can fix the rain barrel and yet again the barrel is saved from a trip to our local landfill.